Jo For Men Prolonger Desensitizing Spray .07 Ounce

Jo For Men Prolonger Desensitizing Spray .07 Ounce

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  • Product Sku: VDL40372
  • Manufacturer: System Jo
  • Availability: Available Now
  • Release Date: December 13, 2013


Increases stamina and heightens pleasure created exclusively for men.

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Product Reviews

Did the trick

When my husband first showed me the spray, I was quite skeptical as to its effectiveness. But I stand corrected, it did the trick over and beyond my expectations. I'm a true believer now! Highly recommend it to anyone who needs it

Anonymous - January 16 2015

works like a charm

What ever they put inside this spray bottle, it damn well works over and beyond my expectations Highly recommend this stuff

Anonymous - November 11 2014

Don't suffer any longer

If i had only known there was stuff like this for men with my problem of ejaculating to soon, i wouldn't have to have suffered for such a long time. It's totally embarrassing for being a man in his thirties not to be able to stay hard and keep from cumming for more than a measly five minutes. The girls aren't exactly overly impressed with my sex performance and understandingly so! But all those problems are out the window after using Jo For Men Prolong Desensitizing Spray. It works... TRUST ME!!!!

Anonymous - September 24 2014

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